Baked Potatoes with Platte Clove naturals Garlic Nut Crunch

One of the many reasons we love doing farmers markets so much is that we get to meet and chat with our customers and share recipes ideas, Its great fun.

So here’s a recipe idea from a fan of our Garlic Nut Crunch 

Bake some delicious potatoes you bought from your local farmers market , cut open and serve with a generous amount of organic butter and Platte Clove Naturals Garlic Nut Crunch on top .

WOW !!! 

Salmon encrusted with Maple Cranberry Granola

After trying many combinations of this healthy delicious dish my conclusion is that i can never eat Salmon without Platte Clove Naturals  maple cranberry granola topping it , it is SOOOOO good .

Use a nice sized piece of good quality wild Salmon. Place in a pan with a small amount of water , enough to come to about half the thickness of the fish and simply sprinkle enough granola on top to cover it .

bake @ 275 for 15 or 20 mins depending on size of fish , be careful not to overcook it .

Its really great with brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes (with Garlic nut crunch sprinkled on top )